NetConsoles Web Application Suite

NetConsoles is an integrated suite of web tools for managing your business - anywhere, anytime. For organizations to thrive they must capture and share enterprise knowledge - knowledge gained through historical performance that is captured in systems and documents; as well as, experiential knowledge that exists within the worker community.

NetConsoles allows you to explore new opportunities to revolutionize business processes by changing the way your systems and knowledge workers manage and share information assets in order to drive profitability, new revenues and improved productivity. Drive your competitive advantage through a NetConsoles technology solution, today!

Enterprise Portal Management
InformationConsole for Building enterprise Portals
FreeTrade Procurement Management Server
eShopConsole for rapid deployment of e-Commerce procurement channels.
Jobsite Management Portal
DocumentConsole for managing media assets and controlling document distribution.
AssetsConsole for tracking capital equipment and tools.
SafetyConsole for maintaining healthy, safe work environments.
Web Marketing
eSiteConsole for managing online presence.
eMail Compaign Manager for connecting with customers through Internet Marketing.
Banner Ad Manager for driving corporate advertising revenue from online initiatives.
ProductConsole for efficient management of product information.
OrderConsole for tracking orders through requisition to payment cycles.
TransactionConsole for integrating order transactions with business partners.
KnowledgeConsole for sharing enterprise knowledge across organizational boundaries.
Dashboards for tracking user behavior and marketing effectiveness.

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