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Enterprise Portal - Intranets and Extranets - have emerged as vital business tools for project collaboration, business process optimization, procurement outsourcing and strategic alliance program execution; offering increased distributed information access to partners through centralized, web-based information exchanges.

For many organizations, the web connection has become a strategic tool that strengthens the buyer-supplier partner relationships and improves employee productivity by establishing broad information connections that have a major impact on the bottom-line profitability.
Role of your NetConsoles Enterprise Portal:
  • Web-enable corporate information networks to facilitate knowledge sharing between systems, employees and trading partners.
  • Provide a gateway for a wide range of content, transactions and services through one electronic access point.
  • Central information index and repository for various information systems and services; whether the information originates internally or externally.
  • Extend ERP functionality/access to the Internet for remote knowledge workers; optimizes business performance through secure, collaborative information sharing.

Organizational knowledge is increasingly being recognized as an important resource capable of creating competitive advantage. Enterprise knowledge is contextual information, or information that has strategic significance and applicability.
Managing your corporate knowledge base means dealing with the two types of knowledge: explicit and tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is knowledge that can be easily shared through digitization and transfer. It may be found in documents or stored electronically in business systems. Tacit knowledge is experiential; personal knowledge which is derived from action and requires a great deal of effort to capture and share, such as personal communication, apprenticeships or ‘learning by doing’.

The enterprise portal addresses many aspects of knowledge transfer: central and secure access point to knowledge assets, organization of knowledge assets and collaborative sharing of enterprise knowledge. Your Portal is a window into the knowledge of your organization.

Challenges to overcome:

Collaboration across business boundaries requires interoperability of applications, standards-based communication protocols and the ability to extend system functionality to meet current and future business requirements. On average, a company uses five or more different management information systems or ERP applications internally, and only 4% of companies use the same vendor for all of their technologies [Supply Chain Management Review, 2002]. For most companies this means their eBusiness portal must integrate with five or more applications.
  1. NetConsoles allows one system to “talk” to another in order to seamlessly share data.
  2. NetConsoles delivers a communication pipeline through standards-based data transmission protocols.
  3. NetConsoles extends legacy system functionality at each end of the e-Business transaction.
  4. NetConsoles exposes business activity to information consumers through interactive web portals.

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