NetConsoles Definition

NetConsoles integrates with your current business systems…tying them together into one seamless information supply chain. Many software solutions promise to be the only software solution you’ll ever need to manage your business. The reality is there is no “one technology solution” that will solve every problem so you end up with many different systems each designed to solve separate problems.

The typical company has 5 or more different systems that are used to manage the various aspects of their business from accounting, manufacturing systems, warehouse management, sales force automation, CRM or e-Commerce. On top of that, many of your trading partners likely want to share information so you’ll need to interact with the various systems they operate. The challenge then becomes sharing data or information between all these disconnected systems.

That is where NetConsoles fits in…at the point where you want to extend functionality of your current systems or share data between systems. NetConsoles provides the gateway or bridge between information needed to fuel your business.

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